How to Know if Your Blood Sugar is Stable

Maintaining your blood sugar is very important for your overall health. A stable blood sugar level helps you maintain a healthy weight, reduces your risk of diabetes, regulates your glucose levels, and can help increase your physical activity.

But what is "blood sugar", you ask? Don't worry, it's not a silly question. Before I studied nutrition, I never truly understood it either. Blood sugar, or blood glucose, refers to the amount of glucose we have circulating in our blood. Blood sugar goes up following a meal and during times of stress or illness. It tends to go down during times of rest, when meals a skipped or after a good workout. The body continuously works to adjust and regulate our blood sugar levels through hormonal signaling.

I've put together this list of noticeable signs that you may have healthy, stable blood sugar:

  1. You don't suffer from any sort of inflammation: Your blood sugar often spikes in response to the excess release of cortisol by your body and excess cortisol can cause inflammation. Excess sugar equals inflammation. If you do not suffer from any kind of body inflammation, your blood sugar level is probably stable.

  2. Your skin is clear of breakouts and blemishes: Acne is a form of inflammation. When your body suffers from an injury or illness, it tries to protect itself; the same is true when your diet is not healthy. If you consume a lot of sugar, your body will react in the form of inflammation. Acne is an inflammatory response to poor microbiome health, which is often a result of unstable blood sugar.

  3. You feel energized and are physically active: Excess sugar releases cortisol in your body that can lead to increased fatigue. When your blood sugar is not stable, you may feel lazy and sluggish. If you are enjoying high levels of energy and are not easily tired by physical activity, you most likely have a healthy blood sugar level.

  4. You don't have constant cravings for sugar: Insatiable sugar cravings are a sign of an unstable blood sugar level. Occasional cravings are normal; everyone feels like devouring a tub of ice cream at some point or another. But, if satisfying that initial craving keeps you consuming sugar, there is a good chance your blood sugar is not stable.

  5. You can lose and control weight easily: When your blood sugar level is stable, it is a lot easier to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. An unstable blood sugar level makes it nearly impossible.

  6. You don't feel the need to urinate frequently: A well-functioning bladder is a sign that your blood sugar level is normal. People with unstable blood sugar levels often suffer from a weak bladder and may feel the need to urinate more frequently than normal.

  7. You can easily quench your thirst: People with stable blood sugar levels are able to easily quench their thirst after drinking water. Many people who have unstable blood sugar levels feel thirsty all the time and are not able to quench their thirst even after drinking water.

  8. You don't experience sudden brain fog: Another symptom of unstable blood sugar is brain fog, when your brain suddenly becomes fatigued and it becomes hard for you to focus or concentrate. Healthy blood sugar levels can help promote sharp and extended periods of focus.

If you check all these boxes, then good for you! But if you feel you may need to give your blood sugar some attention, feel free to reach out to me for a free discovery call to further explore your concerns. You can also give my free 4-Day Mini Cleanse a try, to reset and regulate your system. It includes 4 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, snack and dessert options, plus supporting detox tools and guidelines.

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