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I help women feel healthy, beautiful, and confident ⏤ without toxic diets, surgery, or filters ⏤ so they can live the badass life they dream of. 


I'm Darnah,
nice to meet you.

I help women feel healthy, beautiful, and confident  

  ⏤ without toxic diets, surgery, or filters ⏤ 

so they can live the badass life they dream of.

How and why? More this way 👇

After years of not feeling enough, being in and out of toxic relationships, and taking my body for granted, I finally realized my worth, healed my body, fell in love with myself, and created a life that makes me smile every day. 

Now it’s my mission to help at least one woman, every day for the rest of my life, to bring her deep inner yearning for health, energy, confidence and happiness into reality.

Beach at Sunset

If there's one thing I'm very good at, it's finding solutions. The most impactful solution I’ve ever found happens to be the answer to most of our biggest struggles in life. That my friends, is self-love.

Once you're sippin' from the self-love cup, you naturally start making choices that are good for you.

You’ll eat more nutritious food, work out more often, ditch what doesn't serve you, attract healthy relationships… and even go after that big scary dream you’re holding onto deep inside.


But you cannot buy self-love in any pill, tube, or set of silicone boobs ⏤ trust me, I tried that. And you certainly won’t find it by looking at yourself through filtered selfies the rest of your life.


So all the work I do with my clients is rooted in strengthening self-love: Embracing and enhancing your natural beauty, nurturing vibrant health with mindful eating and self-care, and unleashing your inner badass so you can feel confident walking into any room (or livestream).

My philosophy

What brought me here

I wasn’t always a spiritually guided, healthy food eating, positive talking, self-loving woman. But that’s the beauty of life; evolution. So let my story serve as proof to you that it is possible to write your own inspiring next chapter.

I wasn’t a cool kid (but gosh I wanted to be) - think braces, freckles, food intolerances and A grade nerd. I felt very out of place at school and then came home to an unstable ‘Jerry Springer’ family life. To cut a very long story short - life for ‘young me’ didn't get any easier. I had a lot of emotional trauma and physical illness, fell deep into anxiety and depression, and gave up all my dreams. 

Thank God the story doesn’t end there!

From my teenage years onwards, I basically spent my life trying to fit in, be good enough, please everyone around me, be accepted and wanted. This led me to jobs where I was overworked and under-appreciated; two divorces by age 25 and feeling completely broken, getting breast implants to feel wanted, and putting myself into some really miserable situations.

By my late 20’s I was severely depressed and the only balance I had was between caffeine, binge eating, and wine. On the outside I looked completely fine, but on the inside I was a mess.


Then it got real. I started having abnormal pap smear results. After my second colposcopy, showing dangerous cervical cell changes, my OBGYN looked me in the eye, with her hand on mine, and said "you urgently need to stop being stressed and find some happiness." I knew something had to drastically change so I could break out of this cycle. So I moved cities, quit my job, and began embracing a healthier, more stress-free lifestyle. Just 6 months later my cervical cells tested normal.

From here, it was a long journey of healing and personal development. I cleansed negative energy from my life, began eating nourishing foods, opened myself up to spiritual practices, and started putting myself first - perhaps for the first time ever in my life. But there’s ONE thing I did that was the absolute GAME CHANGER - I started loving myself.

It took me falling to my rock bottom to remember that bright little girl with big dreams who still existed inside me. Other people had let her down along the way, but now it was my turn to look after her. I brought her back to life. Well an older, wiser, version.

Experiencing first hand the powerful effect that something as simple as happiness had on my health, I decided to immerse myself into holistic wellness. I fell in love with creating a better relationship with my body, experimenting with clean delicious food, and strengthening my mindset ⏤ so I went on to become a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

I continue to use the tools and strategies I’ve learned over the years, and further expand in self-love as I journeyed through explant surgery to remove my breast implants, and heal from breast implant illness. I am sharing this publicly to empower and support other women. Read more about my explant journey here.

I’ve found peace and happiness in fully accepting, embracing and celebrating my authentic self. My mission is to help women reach that same place, and I accomplish that goal everyday with the women who join my community, watch my videos or enroll in my programs. Facilitating these transformations has given me a meaningful purpose in my life, and I’m so grateful to be on this path.

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of empowering other women to treat themselves with compassion. I know how strong, resilient, and capable we are as women, and how a mindset shift can change everything. Together with my clients, we work through releasing fear, cultivating self-love, and creating a life that feels good.


It's never too late to change the narrative of your story.

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Certification and Training

My clients can feel confident that my education, experience and services meet international industry standards.

I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with NBHWC, who set industry standards for coaching ethics, guidelines and professionalism.  I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and listed with the U.S. Registry of Exercise Professionals.

I studied under some of the world's most impactful wellness experts, including Dr. Mark Hyman, Gabrielle Bernstein, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dan Buettner,  and Dr. Bernie Siegel; and I continue to follow and integrate their teachings, guidance and values into my coaching methodologies.

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Heart Shape

When you're ready, I'm here to guide and support you on your transformative journey.  

What will your story be?

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